Featured Beer - October 2015

A few months ago, FTN received a lovely letter from the British Trust for Ornithology, asking if we would consider BTO being added to the list of wildlife charities we make beer for. After due consideration, lasting about a picosecond we said, “Yes, of course. We’d love to!”

So after a very pleasant meeting at BTO Headquarters in Thetford it was decided that our first offering together should celebrate the Robin’s new found position of Britain’s National Bird. In a public vote, organised in 2015 by David Lindo (see results here) the Robin received a whacking 34% of all votes from a shortlist of 10 species.

Robin Russet Ale is designed and brewed to capture the Robin’s distinctive characteristics. It’s orangey/red (russet) plumage is mirrored by the ale’s colour, achieved by using a combination of malts and crystal malts. The Robin’s bold, perky and feisty nature is celebrated by dry-hopping the brew during conditioning, with a lovely aroma hop called Cascade. This creates a handsome aromatic nose (beak) and balances beautifully with the malts, giving a taste that is round and satisfying on the palate. Such a lovely bird! But then the feisty attitude of the Robin kicks in with a lovely rasping bitter peck at the end of the mouthfeel. Watch out rivals! I’m truly and markedly “territori-ale”!

The Super Six Becomes the magnificent 7!

BTO have become the seventh wildlife charity we support by receiving royalties from the beer we sell. Like all the charities we support, BTO receives 10p/bottle, to assist them in the splendid work they do in “Looking Out for Birds”.

We now support MCS, BC, BDS, PTES, BCT, Buglife and BTO. Our little club is growing! Which one is Yul Brynner?