Our Unique Brand

Animals, Artists & Ales

Our Unique Brand

The “from the notebook” brand aims to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature through the fabulous natural product that is beer! Our “notebook” branding style is derived from a wildlife enthusiast making notebook sketches and annotations out in the field based on their observations.

This approach was inspired by the actual field sketches of Stewart Sexton a Northumbrian wildlife enthusiast, who kindly agreed to provide us with the lovely label drawings associated with our Seabird, Butterfly and Moth series' of beers. We endeavour to style our beers in a way that represents the characteristics of the creatures we portray on our labels and pump clips. We call this concept “wildlife-inspired idiosyncratic beer”.

Charitable Donations

As a company ideal we associate all of our products with wildlife conservation organisations who receive royalties from the sale of our products. In this way, drinking our beer supports the work that these entities undertake in the UK. The FTN brand can be applied to any wildlife inspired product, since all nature-based subject matter can be derived “from the notebook” of an enthusiastic nature observer. Therefore ranges of “themed beers” can be created to align with any wildlife organisation.

To our knowledge, FTN is the first company to link those participating UK wildlife conservation entities under one brand. So if you know of any organisation who would like to benefit from our branding and beer sales, please let us know!